How to Care for Your Re Lens Glasses in Liverpool

How to Care for Your Re Lens Glasses in Liverpool

Re-lens glasses in Liverpool are the best investment for your vision. They can provide clear sight and reduce eye strain. Proper care ensures they work well for a long time. Whether you are new to Liverpool or an old resident, we will look into how to care for your re-lens glasses in Liverpool.

Re Lens Glasses in Liverpool

Re-Lens glasses have the latest systems that improve vision, minimise eye fatigue and offer increased comfort. They are created with today’s busy and active lifestyle in mind for those who sit in front of computers for hours, those who like outdoor activities or those who need vision correction for important tasks.

Cleaning your Relens Glasses 

Daily Cleaning Routine

Use the Right Cloth: A microfiber cloth is always recommended when cleaning your lenses. Do not use paper towels, napkins or your shirt to rub the lenses, as this may cause scratching.

Rinse Before Wiping: It is important to rinse the lenses in lukewarm water before wiping them. This helps to wash the lens to get rid of dust and debris that can scratch its surface.

Lens Cleaning Solution: You should use a lens cleaning solution suitable for glasses. Do not use household cleaners such as window sprays, as they contain chemicals that may harm the lens coating.

Deep Cleaning

Mild Dish Soap: Add a small amount of mild dish soap to the water for more intensive cleaning. Apply the soap to the lenses using your fingertips, and then wash it off with warm water.

Dry with Care: Use a clean, dry microfiber cloth to dry the lenses. Dry them gently instead of rubbing them to reduce the chances of creating scratches.

Proper Storage 

Proper storage is required to maintain your re-lens glasses. 

Use a Protective Case: Store your glasses in a protective case when unused. This can prevent accidental breakage when they are in your bag or pocket. 

Avoid Extreme temperature: Do not leave your glasses in hot places like your car dashboards or near heaters. The high temperature can damage the lens and its coating. 

Storage Tips

At home, you should have a designated space to keep your glasses in one place properly. 

While placing the glasses down, put them face up to save them from scratches on the lenses.

Handling your Relens glasses  

It's better to use both hands to put on and take off the glasses when handling the glasses. This can help maintain the frame's shape and prevent it from bending. Also, avoid placing the glasses on your head, as this can distort the frame and loosen the screws over time. 

Regular maintenance

Regular maintenance plays an important role in maintaining the re-lens glasses in Liverpool. The screws and nuts should be occasionally checked. You can tighten the nuts with the screwdriver if you lose. The Loose screws can lead towards the misalignment and discomfort for the user.  

You can also schedule a professional adjustment with an optometrist. They can check whether all the glasses fit properly. 

Increasing the Lens Longevity 

You can use anti-scratch coatings while purchasing re-lens glasses. These coatings provide an extra layer of protection from daily wear and tear. Also, make sure your lenses have UV protection to protect your eyes from harmful rays, especially during sunny days in Liverpool.  


It is relatively easy to take care of your Re-Lens glasses once you have them in Liverpool. Through these easy-to-follow but highly recommended tips, you can ensure the clarity and longevity of your lenses as you see the environmental conditions. If you want your glasses to have a longer life span, you must clean them, store them properly, handle them properly, and ensure that you maintain them properly. However, with the following recommendation, you can wear the spectacles comfortably and see clearly while in Liverpool.

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