Reglaze/ Re-Lens


Reglaze/ Re-Lens Service

Do you still love your frames but you need new prescription lenses into your existing glasses? We can help. We provide a reglaze service and in some cases we will not need to take your frame from you. 

Have you got sunglasses lenses which are scratched or coating peeling off? We can replace those lenses with either genuine lenses from the frame supplier or provide lenses from our own lab. If you would like further information please get in touch.

Precision Reglazing Services in Liverpool

At Johnny Goggles, we take pride in offering precision reglazing services for your eyeglasses in Liverpool. Our reglazing service is the solution if your lenses are scratched, outdated, or simply not meeting your visual needs. Bring in your existing frames; our skilled team will expertly fit them with new lenses tailored to your prescription. Our reglazing process at Johnny Goggles ensures that your glasses look brand new and provide the clear vision you deserve. Trust us to breathe new life into your eyewear with our reliable, affordable reglazing services in Liverpool.

Convenient and Affordable: Re-Lens Glasses at Johnny Goggles

Discover the convenience and affordability of reglazing your glasses at Johnny Goggles in Liverpool. Instead of investing in a completely new pair, our reglazing service allows you to keep your favourite frames while updating your prescription or changing your lens type. Our Liverpool-based service ensures a quick turnaround, letting you enjoy your refreshed glasses without the wait. Whether you need single-vision, bifocals, or varifocals, our reglazing process is tailored to meet your specific vision requirements. Experience the cost-effective and hassle-free solution of reglazing your glasses at Johnny Goggles, where quality and convenience converge.