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A tribute to California's cool and timeless style. The glasses by Garrett Leight in Liverpool have an air of effortless elegance that perfectly captures the spirit of casual luxury. These glasses are a fusion of traditional and contemporary design, created in the sunny state of California. 

Garrett Leight eyewear is your key to effortless style, whether you are out and about on the boardwalk or at a fancy party.

Garrett Leight California Optical was created in 2010 and is fuelled by a group of young passionate purveyors of eyewear, dedicated to creating classic designs by combining perfect craftsmanship with timeless aesthetics.

Discover Timeless Sophistication at Garrett Leight Glasses in Liverpool

At Garrett Leight Glasses in Liverpool, experience exquisite style and craftsmanship. Garrett Leight eyeglasses are distinguished by their classic style. Every pair is carefully made for maximum visual clarity and a timeless style. Garrett Leight Glasses in Liverpool has a curated collection of traditional and modern frames for professional and everyday wear.

Garrett Leight Glasses in Liverpool offers a variety of eyewear that combines classic and modern styles. Garrett Leight Glasses has frames for every taste, from sleek and minimalist to bold and expressive. Upgrade your look with eyeglasses that improve vision and leave a lasting impression. Visit JOhnny Goggle’s world of eyewear sophistication to find frames that fit your lifestyle and make a statement.

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