Collection: Theo

Theo: Where glasses become a canvas for expressing yourself. Theo Glasses Liverpool is a mix of new ideas and artistic styles, and they were made to celebrate each person's uniqueness. Each pair is a conversation starter thanks to its attention-grabbing silhouettes, eye-catching hues, and cutting-edge style. 

With Theo, you can look at the world through a different lens.

What began as a memo... on an order form has developed into the slogan for the most headstrong Belgian brand of spectacles: 'Theo loves you'.

Theo Glasses Liverpool: A Stylish Eyewear Choice

Theo Glasses in Liverpool has trendy glasses for you to choose from. Theo Glasses caters to a wide variety of styles by providing a combination of fashionable components and practical applications. Find the perfect pair of glasses that match your preferences, whether you prefer traditional or contemporary designs. At Johnny Goggles, located in the center of Liverpool, you can take your appearance and your vision to the next level with the elegance of Theo glasses.

Explore the world of fashionable eyewear with Theo Glasses in Liverpool. With a wide range of styles, shapes, and colors, find glasses that not only enhance your vision but also complement your unique style. Whether you prefer a timeless look or a bold statement, Johnny Goggles has the perfect eyewear to express your individuality.